Musings of a [distance] learner

Every now and then I realize that I am feeling tired of being a student and an employee at the same time. Sometimes I am so giddy and excited to read modules and participate in discussions with my classmates. But most of the time, I’m so drained after a day’s worth of tasks in the workplace. Every term, I enroll six units of courses only because work and earning for my family is still my priority. I guess if you really wanted to challenge yourself and take on extra responsibility, you need to be dedicated in doing it, despite the multitude of other things that you also wanted to do at exactly the same time. That is why even if it is difficult to juggle roles between being student and being an office worker, I still pushed myself to do it because why not? This is something that I know I’ll make myself proud of.

Before enrolling at UPOU, I thought it would be easier to study since I don’t have to be physically in the classroom. Unfortunately, I was wrong because after two trimesters, I still can’t get the hang of distance learning. Discipline and time management are of utmost importance but I admit, I lack in those areas.

After taking the test our Professor in EDS 111 recommended us to take, I got a score of 41 and the scoring key below implies that I am a good time manager.Time 41

Nevertheless, I know that I still need to work on improving my time management skills in order to be productive as a student. I don’t usually make to-do lists or jot down things that I need to accomplish since everything is just noted in my mind. I learned that it’s better to do the opposite to not only remind me of my tasks but also monitor my progress. Note taking is also helpful to help me retain lessons in my mind. Along time management and note taking, I need to improve in textbook reading and test preparation as well.


As regard to the Self-Regulation Test, I scored 209 points only which means that I have low (impaired) self-regulation capacity. This explains the reason why no matter how hard I try to plan for a week’s schedule in consideration of study tasks and teaching tasks (I sometimes teach English online), I cannot sustain it all throughout. I’m only good in plan formulation but as to implementing it, everything’s a failure. I believe in the saying that an activity becomes a habit only if you can do it straight in 28 consecutive days. As for my case, I can only last until the 8th day. Too bad. Result, I often end up with piles of things to do and deadlines just around the corner.

For this trimester, I will do my best to strategize. I will ensure that I read the modules as planned and participate in discussions more frequently. I will shy away from distractions and see to it that I’ll focus on the things that I need to accomplish. After all, it takes a little bit of realization to try to better one’s self. 🙂





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