EDS 111: Conclusion

This is my final journal entry for this course, but I feel like there is still so much more to learn that I could not possibly end it here.  This whole journal thing made me reflect not just about the lessons in this course but also about my life and the road that I am taking or will still have to take in the future.

My knowledge about the teaching profession before I took this course was very superficial. I thought then that as long as I have the information and the materials, then I’m good to go to teach a class. But I was wrong, as there are several other things that I must work on if I wanted to be effective in my practice, to influence lives, and create change, and not just blindly teach students. I learned that a teacher does not stand in front of the class just to impart knowledge but also to improve students’ attitude and perspectives in life. This is a big responsibility, but that is reality.

Cliché as it may sound, I think that teaching is a very noble profession. You need to work even outside regular office hours because you need to check exam papers, mark submissions, and monitor and evaluate students. The time that is supposedly allotted for yourself or for your family may be taken away from you because of these tasks. Further, teachers are even blamed when students do not learn when in fact, there are other factors that could contribute to such. Despite these, very big responsibilities, teachers are left with a meager salary and lots of liabilities to pay. Because of these realizations, I appreciate the efforts made by all teachers in the world in order to influence their students’ lives and hopefully to stir change.

As a person who seeks to become a teacher in the near future, I have been armed with necessary knowledge about teaching principles through EDS 111. This heightened my desire to continually learn to be able to teach effectively. I am sincerely hoping that someday, I’ll keep these learnings in use.

I would like to salute our Faculty-in-Charge, Teacher Roja Rivera, for being one of the most patient, responsive, and responsible teachers that I’ve had in my stay at UPOU. She is a role model for us aspiring teachers. Kudos Teacher! Congratulations, classmates!




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