About Alex

I am Alexa Fajardo but you can call me Alex or Lexa.  I decided to pursue Master of Distance Education in the University of the Philippines Open University for a number of reasons. First off, I’d like to widen my field so as to acquire different perspectives of looking into the world. This desire grew in me since I was involved with the different sectors of the society during my undergraduate days in the degree of Development Communication and in the various government offices that I worked for.  I am very much interested to look at how people learn from various sources around him/her. More so, the role of educators to the improvement of people is undeniably valuable, thus I want to become one. I would like to be able to impart my knowledge to either early childhood or tertiary level students. I know that these audiences are significantly varied in their levels of learning capacity but I like it this way because I wanted to be challenged by the young as well as adult learners.

As for the subject matter that I want to teach, I want to focus on English, Language or Literacy, Teaching and Learning, or Psychology. I know that I still have to study further so as to be expert in these fields. And yes, I am so eager to learn.

This journal will contain my insights and further thoughts on our virtual classroom study at UPOU. I hope that this can solicit productive discussions. Feel free to comment your opinions or what nots at the comments sections of my posts! Let’s go! 🙂