Module 4: How meaningful have scores been?

Whenever I receive a score for an exam, for an output, or even for an entire course, all my efforts and time attributed to getting that score flash back to me. I always try to quantify if the score genuinely reflects my hardships in the course of satisfying the requirements or the hours I spent reviewing for a certain exam. Most of the time I think I deserve it but sometimes, I think I deserve better than that. Haha!

Anyways, I believe that scores are important as a form of assessment result for students. It is a “judgment” of efforts, performances, and achievements thus tend to be given so much importance. As I’ve mentioned in my earlier posts, grades are very important in the system that we are currently in, with the employers looking at transcripts when considering someone for a position in their company. Am I right? People tend to rely on scores to tell if a student is worthy of praise or not. Sad but true, I guess.

I think that scores, though given so much importance, cannot effectively inform both teachers and students about the learning progress in class. I believe that teacher’s observations and judgment through student behaviors and performances are more effective in genuinely capturing progress, although we should not discount the fact the test scores can reflect knowledge acquisition at certain levels.

Teachers and students may have a common interpretation of scores if the objective of the assessment process is explained at the start of the class. In this way, both of them will be at the same page whatever score the students get.

Considering these things, I still believe that scores are numbers containing objective information of how students have progressed over time. Nonetheless, there should be other sources of assessment data (not just test scores) in order to capture the entirety of student progress.